Infrastructure Facility Management

Infrastructure Facility Management

Your business deserves a real ally.

Your basic business will go smoothly if it has quality support in all business flows, even those that are not directly tied to primary activity. In order to achieve its goals, ideally stable structure and functioning of every link of your daily business chain, our infrastructure facility management system is in charge. These services include a wide range of jobs and processes that for your business mean support, more comfort, more time and leave the opportunity to focus on what constitutes the basis of your business.

Starting with the services of maintaining hygiene and cleanliness, security services, embedded door and reception services, delivery, fa├žade cleaning, glass surfaces, disinfection, disinfestation and deratisation services, maintaining green surfaces, waste management to winter conditions maintenance, we shall ensure that all details work like a perfectly stowed mechanism. And not just that. Sudden difficulties or unannounced changes both inside and outside your business system are not insurmountable obstacles because each of our scenarios has already developed procedures in advance.
ASURA's personnel and associates at all levels are educated, verified and equally dedicated to planning and strategic decision-making during a particular part of the process as well as in the executive phase itself. It is precisely this verified quality of personnel and reliability of our work systems with constant quality control that guarantee first class results. ASURA will raise your everyday life to a completely new level: reducing stress, a more comfortable atmosphere, easier business operations, easier information flow and improving security, are only a part of what makes our service recognizable as top quality.

What do we offer our partners?
  • Cleaning
  • Security services and burglary systems
  • Reception and gateway services
  • DDD services
  • Laundry and maintenance of facades
  • Maintenance of green areas
  • Waste management
  • Winter service 

The details are really important to us.
The chain is as firm as its weakest link is, which is why we take special care of every part and every phase of the process. The functioning of the job as a whole depends on many factors, and only a well-established team and expertise can achieve the desired results. Regardless of whether it is a higher level of decision-making, technical part or our valuable operative, ASURA employees and associates work in a climate that encourages each individual to provide more in its part of the work. The rules are the same for all, and the same attention will be paid to data collection, analysis, planning and strategic decision-making, as well as execution itself.

Adaptability is an integral part of every ASURA solution.

Standardization of processes enables us to react in the shortest possible time and predict business events, but if your job requires some other specific actions and processes, don't worry. Adaptability is an integral part of every offer and every project we work on. Special processes, atypical situations and finding new solutions are an integral part of our everyday life. In the end, we are here for you, and your progress is a measure of our success.

What does it mean for you to negotiate ASURA infrastructure facility management services?
  • Easier planning of maintenance costs
  • smooth course of everyday business
  • standardization according to international standards
  • Transparency of maintenance process
  • information base for decision making
  • guaranteed staff expertise
  • increased efficiency
  • Advisory services
  • easier insight into the conditions and monitoring of infrastructure systems
  • risk reduction

How to contract infrastructure facility management ASURA services?

We are available for all your questions and queries related to ASURA infrastructure facility management services. Contact us via a direct form on our website or by e-mail to

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