Integrated Facility Management

Integrated Facility Management

Integrated facility management is what we offer, and it is who we essentially are. Integrated facility management stems from ASURA's business vision and, when founded, ASURA was the only company in the region offering an integrated facility management service. Synergistic effects that you can achieve by merging parts and processes within your business system are most visible in the results provided by the Integrated facility Management Service ASURA. For you, the complexity of work does not necessarily mean complexity. Contracting ASURA integrated facility management services will show you something completely different and enable your business to easily achieve its stated goals as a result of careful and intelligent organization of people, processes and technologies within your flows.
Integrated facility management system means that we have merged all individual parts of the facility management service into a single assembly according to the “one contract, one account” method. All services you need will be in a unique account, which means extremely simplifying the process, easier monitoring and transparent access to more detailed information. It should be stressed that one account does not mean unknown on it. On the contrary, transparent reports and access to electronic means will at any time provide you with insight into parts of accounts, costs, calculations and forecasts. And for all additional inquiries and explanations, our team is here for you.

Integrated facility management service consists of a complex set of various services that serve to maintain the functionality of your business at the highest achievable level and support your path towards achieving the desired goals. The infrastructure part of the facility service will ensure that every part of the system that supports your core business works smoothly, from day-to-day cleaning services to waste management services or any other infrastructure task. Technical facility management will ensure that all technical and technological systems that are part of your business operate seamlessly, regardless of whether they are HVAC systems, safety systems, sanitary node or any other type of installation.

What do we offer our partners?
  • Complete facility management systems according to the “one contract, one account” method
  • Technical facility management
  • Infrastructure facility management
  • Energy management
Short-term decisions make business successful on a daily basis, but this is not enough for long-term success. What your business or processes can launch into an advanced category of successful is long- term optimisation at all levels, which will free business flows of unwanted cargo, and enable you to focus energy on creating new values. Think for a moment about concrete things: if you could save only 5% a month from today on three key items of your costs, can you assume how much that would
mean in absolute terms for your business at the end of the year?

Start the evolution of your business. In the business environment, just like natural environment, they survive the most adaptable. Therefore, each of our systems, plans or concepts basically contains flexibility as a fundamental prerequisite for success at all levels and in all directions. This means adaptability to the specificities of your work, individual goals, specific conditions, but also adaptability to market demands and global business flows. And if you're worried about things that we can't predict or prevent, don't worry - the ASURA already has fully prepared procedures by which they can be cured.

What means for you to contract integrated ASURA facility management service?
  • Long-term cost reduction
  • Creation of an information basis for strategic decision making
  • Transparent resource management
  • Detection and utilization of all system potentials
  • Advisory services and professional support
  • Guaranteed and reliable implementation of plans
  • Monitoring contemporary standards
  • Innovation and intelligent solutions

How to contract integrated ASURA facility Management services?
We are available for all your questions and inquiries regarding integrated services ASURA facility Management. Contact us via a direct form on our website or by e-mail to

Integrated Facility Management

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