Technical Facility Management

Technical Facility Management

Synergy between people and technology provides the most reliable results.

Without the help of technical systems and technology, it is impossible to imagine doing business, no matter what business you do. In order for all your systems from this domain to function seamlessly, with as few unforeseen problems and delays as possible, and indirectly the costs arising from them as possible, it is necessary to maintain, monitor and optimize all technical facilities necessary for your real estate and business.
Whether they are heating installations, sanitary facilities, water supply, cooling, fire protection devices, safety systems, elevators or electrical installations, maintaining in the top form of each creates added value within your business chain. ASURA is responsible for success in this field. We achieve our results by synergy between people and modern technologies. Our extraordinary structure of young, educated and professional engineers and technicians who are ready to give their maximum in combination with modern technological solutions for each project brings tangible results in the field of technical facility management.
Experience so far has enabled us to predict and solve problems related to systems of different business environments, from banking institutions to shopping centres. Regardless of which group your group belongs to, we have mechanisms and processes that enable us to get acquainted with the specific problem that each individual business area carries with us. For you we solve the issues of accessibility, installation, maintenance, monitoring, as well as service of all electrical, mechanical and technological systems. Your facilities and systems with us are in safe hands.

What do we offer our partners?
  • Monitoring, managing and maintaining all technical systems of your property
  • use of the state-of-the-art CAFM system
  • operating services
  • safety tests and certificates
  • warranty management
  • optimization of your systems
  • call centre and customer service
  • emergency interventions

Our ideas are painted green.

We know that reliability in work is only a part of what it adds to your business, because there is an increasingly important issue of energy savings. The key factor of responsible operation of the 21 st century is rationality in energy consumption, which, besides direct financial and time, has an ecological dimension. This is why the item of energy management in our plans is very important: we will never be satisfied with a system that functions smoothly, but with a system that is also cost and energy efficient.

It is very important to deal with problems urgently.
Since it is not possible to completely prevent or predict every possibility in the operation and maintenance of complex systems, the Energy Service implies an emergency department which will ensure that unexpected problems are dealt with in the shortest possible time. We take emergency interventions very seriously and guarantee arrival within 60 minutes of the call, wherever they are.

What does negotiate ASURA Technical facility Management Service mean for you?
  • Easier cost planning
  • high quality of technical solutions
  • preventing unforeseen costs
  • reducing risks
  • greater efficiency
  • professional support from 0 to 24
  • easier insight into the state of the system, monitoring and expenses
  • legal and legislative alignment of your systems
  • full transparency using the CAFM system
  • integrating the maintenance of all systems in one place

How to contract Technical facility Management ASURA Service?
We are available for all your questions and queries related to Technical facility Management ASURA services. Contact us via a direct form on our website or by e-mail to

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